• Worried about odour?           
    A useful tip to reduce odour in your appliance - place two or three drops of Essence of Peppermint in your stoma bag. This is available from Tesco at under £1.00 per bottle.  Also check out both and
  • Have colostomy - will travel
    One of our members, who has recently had an ileostomy formed and is diabetic, has to carry needles and scissors which led to a nasty problem at Bristol Airport’s baggage security check. The bags went through the X-ray unit as usual, but he was then called over to have his bags checked. The officer delved into the bags with no protective gloves, no explanation and with an offensive manner. Our member felt thoroughly humiliated especially as he was not offered a separate room to show the contents of his luggage. We have always been advised to carry all medical equipment with us as hand baggage rather than put it in the hold. In an era of heightened security we must be extra vigilant, but it is sad to suffer such humiliation in full view of other passengers from a security officer, who should have been trained to respect passengers’ individual circumstances.  BOSS will be taking up the issue on behalf of members with the airport authorities. Meanwhile, either ensure that all sharp implements are packed in a bag to go in the aircraft’s hold. Alternatively, be prepared to show a travel certificate that states your medical condition.
    Also check out Coloplast’s web site before travelling - C51FAA600256D3C004C241C
  • Water, water everywhere - except in me!
    Those who irrigate often report that the water doesn’t flow in - this may because they are too tense. Close the regulator and take a short, deep breath. Exhale well and long ( I don’t want to hyperventilate!) and then proceed after a little while. I then gently move the cone a little bit and aim it in at a different angle. While moving the cone, some gas and water might evacuate. That’s okay, so do not worry.  Another problem may be that the pressure is too low - in other words, the position of the reservoir is too low. Put the hook higher up.

  • How do I join B.O.S.S.?
    That’s an easy one. Just email -


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